Nov 10, 2010

Rioter Remix for Vegim Out with some other Big Names.

Artist Vegim
Title The Rioter
Mike Humphries, Dean Rodell, Kazu Kimura, Patrick DSP, A Paul, S-Tek, Andreas Florin, Riyuji Takeuchi, Diarmaid o Meara, Luis Ruiz, Anthony Dupont, Jimmy T Kindt, Mirko S. and many more...
Label Take More Music Records
Release 18-11-2010

Press Release
Vegim is hitin' aggain with a massive smashing hot cake.
The original is hard, funky, offbeat, the kind that makes the crowd shake, its an earthquake on a club. The remixes, everything for everyone; Deep, spacey, funky, slower, harder, phater. This will be rioting on your sets.


Juno UK

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