Apr 6, 2011

LoudMax - Free VST Limiter Plugin

Im using a Waves Plugins Bundle since many years. Waves is very expensive and the most algorithms like the very famous brickwall limiters L1 and L2 are more than 10 years old and where never updated. I like the L1+ for mastering as the latest instance to catch peaks and cause the included dithering option. But L1 always produce DC offset at rendering. Sometimes I also used L1 for hard limiting in some single channels at mixdown, but when you go to -18db or more(ok, its very crazy to read) L1 always create distortion and sounds not good.

But, few Days ago I find a new vst called LoudMax on the internet and tried it out. Its free and the results are good. I tried it also with maximum threshold of -30db and WOW! it sounds already clean on each level. You have to try it out.


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