Oct 16, 2012

change expensive WAVES plugins with cool FREE Vst

This is a little list how you can change your expensive waves plugins with good freeware vst. I start the list with Native Power Pack which has include all standard Plugins from Waves.

Waves L1 Limiter - Loudmax Limiter, Betabugs W1 limiter(L1 clone)
Waves Q10 Equalizer - ReaEQ
Waves C1 Compressor - Bootsy Density MK IIReaCompVlad Molot
Waves C1 Compressor in Gate/Expander Mode - SSS Gate/Expander, ReaGate
Waves TrueVerb - Bootsy Epic Verb
Waves 2 Tap Delay - TAL Dub II
Waves S1 Stereo Imager - Flux Stereo Imager
Waves De-esser - Digitalfishphones Spitfish, ReaComp with HP/LP Filter
Waves IR-L Convolution Reverb - knufinke SIR 1
(can also used as general impulse response tool for all kind of compressors, eqs and so on...)

other Waves plugins

Puigchild(Fairchild Compressor) - Vlad Molot Compressor in alpha mode
VComp (Neve like Compressor) - Vlad Molot Compressor in sigma mode
SSL G-Master Buss Compressor - Bootsy Density MK II
(Of course, I have it as hardware, UAD-Card & cytomic the Glue is also fine but the waves version is very poor - no headroom, fast distortioned)

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