Jan 30, 2010

Fixed the trouble with my Waves Plugins

Few weeks ago, I have bought a new Computer in the end of 2009. Now I wanted to re-install all my plugins. All of them works fine, only my fucking expensive Waves Plugins dont work.

The Reason was the iLok authorization, that also never runs perfectly before. After 3 Days of tweaking and searching the web for my problem it works on mysterious way.

But even when I ask Waves on the website or by e-mail for support, they told me I must pay $110,00 again to be up to date with the "Waves Update Plan" to get Tech-Support. I'm fucked up with their politics and will never buy any new plugins from them for the rest of my life! This much i can say...

1 comment:

  1. Well, get some cracked WAVES Plug-Ins then! ;)
    Har-Har! There are some good ones around.