Jan 28, 2010

My collection of free software plugins

I work with both, hard- and software in my productions. Last time I noticed that more good sounding software especially free or open source plugins are on the net. I will show you few of them now:

Bootsy Plugins/Variety of Sound
Here we have a very good sounding compressor called "Density MKII" which I used in my latest productions and also some other good plugins like "BootEQ" or "EpicVerb"

Good sounding EQ's and also a good sounding SSL Style Compressor.

Jeroen Breebart
I think he has the best sounding freeware "limiter" called "barricade" right now. But you can also check his other great sounding plugins like "pc-2", "ferox" or "time machine"

TAL - Togu Audio Line
They have great sounding emulations of classic synths like sh101(bassline) or uno-62(alpha juno60), or the very good Elek7ro - it is a huge killer synth.

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